Just One Word A Jani Lauzon Film

Just One Word – Tag Line
One board game, great cupcakes and a bottle of scotch.
An intervention between sisters? Or another damn reason to get drunk.

Just One Word – Synopsis
Kim Morin is a successful Metis lawyer surrounded by luxury, security and Contemporary Native Art. Inner peace? Not so much. Kim needs things to be perfect. She wants the wrongs in her community and her family to be right. So when she finally tracks down her half-sister Asha who is scarred from years of foster care, carrying bundles of abandonment issues and drinking like a fish, Kim brings out the old Just One Word board game she loved as a child and makes her “to die for” cupcakes.

    Kim’s plan? An intervention for Asha using the board game Just One Word. But Kim and Asha’s idea of a party are as far apart as the upbringing they both experienced. So when Asha arrives for the party with her own personal supply of scotch and beer chasers, Kim’s vision of a smooth and successful intervention soon being to unravel as she discovers that Asha is not the only one who has issues that need healing and not even a board game and love filled cupcakes may be enough to help reconcile generations of pain.

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