Excellent harmony and presentation,
with a great variation in style, suiting most people.
Soundwave FM Graham J Barclay

We will put some of these excellent
songs on our air-play list.
JAZZ RADIO fm Dioni Piatkowsk,i Mosina POLAND

Her voice is that of an old soul,
re-cast in a compact frame, beaming
energy, lithe and strong.
Susan Walker, The Toronto Star

It’s like Janice Joplin
singing with the voice of an angel.
Susan Walker, The Toronto Star

Jani Lauzon is hitting ‘em heavy...
her career is on a deserved upswing.
Lenny Stoute, Club Crawl, The Toronto Star

poised at the perfect juncture
between talent and
Jamie Kastner, Saturday Sun

Let a voice that soars with grace and soul
possess you with it’s power.
Rob Galbraith, The Toronto Sun

Jani Lauzon’s voice is one of astonishing range.
Douglas Hughes, N.B. Telegraph Journal

I was thunderstruck by Lauzon and her band.
William Nicholls, The Nation, Montreal

...truly original artist. Gary 17 TO-nite